Our model in 8 steps

Ideas and initiatives for a sustainable society
Mapping knowledge and experience
Create secure group from the start
Civic Orientation (SO)
Communications, computer knowledge & information management
Personal development and personal knowledge
Education & development
Find the right job or start their own business

Integrationsakademin visualizes its process strategy for integration in 8 steps. We believe that this model can help new Swedes and Swedes in exclusion to shorten their path to integration.

Our model is based on our cornerstones (see below) to create a more efficient performance of the integration process.

How is the best integration effect reached? This is when the integration and diversity are combined parallel. Integrationsakademin believes that integration is important for new Swedes and Swedes exclusion to be able to open up and understanding the modern Swedish society and its composition. Parallel to that you should also work with already integrated Swedes understanding of diversity to allow them to be more open to new cultures, perspectives and ways of thinking. The effect is that we meet each other in the middle, reaching a better understanding of each other and be able to compromise so that new Swedes and Swedes in the exclusion will be included more smoothly.

Our four cornerstones

1. Inspiration & Motivation

We continuously offer appropriate speakers and guests who share their experience and knowledge to motivate and inspire new Swedes and Swedes in exclusion.

2. Network

We socialize continuously through dialogue and communication exercises.

  • Organizes events and seminars with other academies and schools.
  • Reflection exercises in groups with feedback
  • Invite guests who share their experiences and knowledge
  • Network Walking

3. Health

We are working to develop the head and body, combining mental and physical exercises that creates new habits.

  • Long walks in connection with the reflection exercises
  • Running, football and table tennis
  • Zumba and yoga classes
  • Qigong and Tai Chi

4. Coaching & mentoring

Individuals continuously offer their help. Coaches and mentors will help new Swedes and Swedes in the exclusion in order to be able to cope with difficult situations at work and to develop their careers.