Together we are going to build a more open and sustainable country

for our future generations

Background to our business

  • There is great lack of knowledge and uncertainty is growing in Sweden’s exclusion areas.
  • Exclusion is growing steadily as unemployment.
  • There is a large number of newly arrived refugees coming to Sweden.
  • There are many commitments and initiatives. The desire to voluntarily share ones knowledge and helping others should be utilized and strengthened.
  • Newly arrivers are real survivors, many are innovative entrepreneurs who have many creative ideas. These creative thoughts and ideas should be directed right to become real businesses and jobs.
  • Our society is continually being modernized and developed. It is difficult for people who have not followed the development and that come from other cultures to learn about Swedish society without help.
  • Many have not understood the potential – diversity and inclusion is an important and long-term investment for both a corporates as well as a community’s composition and development.

Our purpose

Help build a more open and sustainable society for our future generations.

Our offer

We provide seminars, courses, programs and packages to help new Swedes and Swedes in exclusion to shorten their way to integration into society. We help organizations to benefit from the diversity and become more open and to be welcoming to new cultures, perspectives and ways of thinking.

How do we do this?

  • We help people understand the changing and modern Swedish society
  • We motivate, strengthen self-esteem, processes fears and reinforce social skills.
  • We help our future innovators, leaders, engineers, developers, sellers, builders, teachers, etc. to realize their goals and dreams.
  • We encourage volunteer coaches and mentors to help our students.
  • We help organizations and businesses to take advantage of the diversity that is valuable for both the composition and evolution of the business
  • We partner with other organizations to achieve synergies within integration and diversity.

Objectives and expected results

Two major objectives for building a more open and sustainable society for our future generations:

  1. Integrate new Swedes and Swedes in exclusion from the Swedish society in less than six months with a high result, where people find the right work, start studying right training and launch new sustainable businesses.
  2. Train companies and organizations to become more open-minded to different perspectives and approaches to increase profitability by 25%.

Results – by the end of each program / package the following have been received:

  • Good understanding of different cultures and values
  • Good understanding of the construction of the Swedish society
  • Wide network of contacts
  • Awareness of own strengths and thus better focus on what you want to do
  • You feel motivated and welcome wherever you go